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What Is Optometry?

Optometry has already been an independent profession in primary care in most English-speaking countries for decades. In the Netherlands the profession has been in development since 1988 and on November 15, 2000 it’s officially included in the “BIG” act (Act on professions in individual health care). Thus, the optometrist was legally recognized as a health care professional in eye care!

Previously only the ophthalmologist's did the eye exam and the optician took care for glasses and / or contact lenses. Now there are also optometrists. The optometrist performs an optometric examination in order to detect any eye diseases.

Optometry is because of the waiting lists and the aging population playing an increasingly important role for eye care in the Netherlands. The OVN works closely regional with opticians, contact lens specialists, general practitioners, ophthalmologists and orthopaedists. As a result, your eyes quickly get the care they need.

At OZE an optometrist is present working under the supervision of the ophthalmologist. Our optometrist also performs all functional assesments.