Lacrimal passages problems


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When there is a blockage of the lacrimal passage, tears run down the cheeks. Sometimes this happens outside due to the wind. These are reflex tears and are normal. It can also lead to inflammation and a bonding eye, because the lacrimal sac is closed, and dirt cannot be drained.

The lacrymal system

In the inner corner of the nose side in the upper and lower eyelid is a tube located. The beginning of this tube is called the "edge tear". The two tear ducts come together in the lacrimal sac. From the lacrimal sac, there runs a channel through the nasal wall to the nasal cavity. All of these compounds are very small and narrow, so they can easily become clogged.


The ophthalmologist first examines what is the cause of excessive tearing for you. This may be the result of an increased formation of tears or of impaired discharge of the tear fluid. In the latter case, it is important to determine where the obstruction is. This can be done by purging the tear duct and to probing, whereby the blockage can be undone. In some cases, the ENT doctor is asked to see if there are abnormalities in the nose which explain the blockage.

In some cases surgical approach may be necessary.