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Are consultations and treatments covered by my health insurance?

 Yes, regular consultations and treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer.


At what time can I make an appointment?

Usually within 4 weeks.


What is a Quick Scan?

Eye Hospital in Eindhoven offers the possibility to do a free Quick Scan implement the technical optometrist or ophthalmic assistant to see if treatment is possible. If the result is positive then you can, without obligation, make an appointment for an examination by Dr. Meurs.


Can I drive myself after treatment?

No, you cannot.


Why no Lasik treatments at Eye Hospital Eindhoven?

We are not in favor of LASIK because the risks of LASIK are arguably greater than that of PRK treatments. The corneal flap can still release after LASIK treatment. A British government committee called LASIK an insufficient safe technique.

We use only disposable  instruments in order to reduce the risk of infection to the absolute minimum.


Is refractive surgery suitable for everyone?

No, refractive surgery is not for everyone. Almost all people aged 18 and over wearing contacts or glasses can be treated. The refraction must be stable for at least 1 year and your eyes should be healthy. An ophthalmic research, conducted by Dr. Meurs, determines whether you are suitable for refractive surgery.

You are not eligible for refractive surgery if you have:

  • Keratoconus
  • Glaucoma (high eye pressure)
  • Advanced stage of diabetic retinopathy
  • Cataract


Are dry eyes eligible for treatment?

Really dry eyes are not suitable for treatment. An ophthalmological research by Dr. Meurs will give an answer.


Is it possible to treat two eyes at the same time?

Yes, this is possible but Meurs doctor will decide with you whether this is desirable, 99% is done bilateral these days.


I have high blood pressure, can I have laser surgery?

Yes, if there is a stable strength of glasses or contacts for a year.


I am diabetic, can I be treated?

This should be done in consultation with Dr. Meurs.


Can I when I am treated wear contact lenses again?

If you could stand them before the treatment without any problems for, then this will also be so after the treatment.


When can I wear makeup again?

One week after the treatment.


When am I allowed to go tanning?

This is allowed 2 weeks after treatment, protective glasses are always required.


When can I go ride motor, do sports or go swimming again?

We recommend that you take it easy for a week.


Can I fly?

This is no problem.


Can I just lift and bend over after treatment?

This is no problem.


Is the treatment painful?

The treatment itself is painless. After the anesthesia wears off, you can have the first three days after PRK / PTK treatment sore eyes which feels like sand in your eyes. Also your eyes can  be light-sensitive after treatment..


Is the result of the surgery permanent?

In some cases, another eye disease or deterioration of vision due to age may affect the strength again.


How long after treatment do I need to use eye drops?

3 months, you will get instruction, and the drops after the treatment.


Can a cylinder be corrected?

Yes, up to 4 diopters.


How big is the risk of infection?

After a PRK or PTK treatment, with the use of antibiotic drops, the risk of infection is minimal. Sterile disposable instruments make treatments with regards to infection even safer.


Is it possible to laser my reading glasses off?

For more information, please contact the assistant of Dr. Meurs to make an appointment for a Quick Scan to determine whether your eyes are suitable for this purpose.