Tongelresestraat 209
5613 DG Eindhoven
040 – 2460024

24 hours contact with a specialist


The clinic

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We sponsor as of today the following charities:

  • Linda Foundation
  • Alpe d'HuZes


need care? think beyond

Watch the animation about Independent Clinics Netherlands.


Arti lenses are ultra-thin implant lenses to correct nearsightedness or farsightedness. These lenses are implanted in your eyes. Sounds scary, but it is not. Under local anesthesia, a small incision is made in your cornea. As a result, the lens is placed inside and with two tiny clips attached to your iris (the colored part of the eye). The treatment takes about 20 minutes and is painless. Quite soon after you can see clearly. Of course you stay several weeks under control by the ophthalmologist. When the incision is restored in the eye, the other eye is treated.

For questions about the commercial, please contact Eye Hospital Eindhoven 040-2460024

Listen below the Arti Lens radio commercial


On the 20th of September Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven came in 2nd for the national healthcare annual award for clinics.

20-09-2012: Angela Groothuizen about Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven



After complying with all the terms and conditions for the KIWA certificate Oogziekenhuis becomes a full time member of ZKN (Independent clinics the Netherlands).

Drs. P.J.G.L. Meurs is one of the first to receive the seal of the N.O.G./N.G.R.C. as certified refractive surgeon.

Worldwide, it is unique and this certificate guarantees the highest quality.

November 2010 start of the construction of the operating theater for Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven.

As of January 2011 first cataract surgery is done.

Recently the public health clinic inspected the clinic and issued the following assessment: Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven is a state of the art clinic. (report IGZ)