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 Thank you Dr. Meurs. These glasses I do not need anymore.



The fact that I come here for years and that I recommend Dr. Meurs to others shows that I am satisfied.


20 years ago I was told that I could see nothing ..... see .... and would see ......

20 years later I learned thanks to you nothing is impossible in this world!

Thank you! Love Rooms


 Firstly my compliment to the good care I've had in eye surgery

  1. Good information
  2. Friendliness
  3. excellent aftercare


To the entire team of ophthalmologists,

Many thanks for all the care I experienced with you all.





Got my eyelids done, I never heard someone say. That I suddenly look so rested, relaxed and therefore younger. Fantastic!


When I asked my ophthalmologist many years ago O.P. van Beijsterveld (trainer of Dr. Meurs in that time in the OLGH) where I could get laser surgery done on my eyes he said “There is only one who is excellent at that, and that is Piet Meurs in Eindhoven. “ I have never regretted a second of following his advice.


People ask if I've had a facelift. I have only lifted my eyes. I look younger for many years to come