Tongelresestraat 209
5613 DG Eindhoven
040 – 2460024

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The clinic

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ZKN quality mark

 Oogziekenhuis Eindhoven is a member of Independent Clinics Netherlands. With ZKN quality mark, we guarantee quality and safety of medical care. Clinics with ZKN marking comply with the strictest quality standards.


Dr. Meurs is a member of his interest group Dutch Ophthalmic Society (NOG).

Periodically he is inspected by his peers, through this the quality of the health care is also guaranteed. The last inspection took place on 15/11/13.

Patient satisfaction survey

Periodic surveys will be held with our patients / clients where anonymity is guaranteed. Analysis of the resulting data will help us, if necessary, to improve our care and service. Of which the average rating is an 8,8.


Independent clinics with the ZKN quality mark guarantee quality of medical care, a fast efficient and personalized treatment, where your health is central.

Commissioned by the ZKN the clinic is annually audited by KIWA. The last audit took place on 3-12-2014 and is completed, including the safety management system (VMS).

View the certificate here ZKN.

Refractive surgery is a separate specialization within ophthalmology. With regard to quality the Netherlands is the only country in the world since 2008 which has a separate quality standard for this, which is the hallmark refraction. This is monitored by the NOG (Dutch Ophthalmic Society) and the NGRC (Dutch Society for refractive surgery). On 1-12-2013, this certificate has been extended for P.J. Meurs again.

View the NOG certificate.