Co2 Blepharoplasty


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The clinic

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 The CO2 laser is a device that allows highly accurate and can virtually cut the tissue without bleeding. A much younger appearance is the result.

Upper Eyelid Surgery


The treatment

Before surgery the ski is marked by ink to establish how much excess skin can be removed. The eye must be able to close well after treatment. You will be seated on a very comfortable bed, after being instilled with anesthetic eye drops. The skin is removed with the aid of the CO2 laser. Subsequently, excess fat is looked for in the various layers and removed. This can only be done safely with the CO2 laser. The advantage of the removal of fat is that the result is much better and that the result also has a long-lasting effect. The opening through which the fat is removed is closed with a self-soluble continuous suture. The skin is closed with nylon and the stitches are removed after 14 days.


The aftercare

After the treatment you feel a somewhat distressing feeling for several hours. Sometimes the eyelids are thick and blue. Immediately after treatment thin paper patches are applied on the sutures. This allows you to remove the next after making them wet enough (for example, during a shower). The stitches will partly fall out spontaneously and the remainder will be taken out after 14 days. It is recommended, the first night, to lay a towel on your pillow this is due to possible fluids leaking out. The first week after treatment, you must take it easy, do not exercise or perform heavy lifting. During the first days, you can cool the eyelids best with special cooling pack for 10 minutes three times a day. The cooling pack must not be cooled in the freezer but in the fridge. After the upper eyelid surgery you will receive the following:

  • Appointment for the removal of the sutures
  • Cooling pack and sunglasses


Under eyelid surgery

The treatment

With the laser an incision will be made on the inside of the lower eyelid in order to remove the excess fat. If excess skin is present then it is recommended to remove it. Just below the eyelash an incision is made with a radio electric knife.

The skin is loosened and the excess skin is removed. Thereafter, a number of sutures that are placed and removed after 14 days. After healing the scar will not be visible.



During the first days you can best cool the eyelids with the aid of a special cooling pack for 10 minutes 3 times a day. It is vital to cool the cooling pack in the fridge and not in the freezer. After the lower eyelid surgery you will receive the following:

  • Appointment for the removal of the sutures
  • Cooling pack and sunglasses