Excimer Laser


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The clinic

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With the aid of the Wave Light excimer laser  most abbreviations can be treated.

The principle is simple: with the help of a so called "flying spot"  the cornea will be accurately and computer guided polished in order to get the focal point back on the retina without the aid of tools.

The treatment

You will be placed on a very comfortable bed, after being instilled with anesthetic eye drops. A disposable eyelid spreader is positioned in order for you not being able to blink during treatment. Dr. Meurs explains exactly what happens during treatment. The treatment is completely painless.

Firstly, the upper layer of the cornea is loosened and then the laser is activated which will correct your eye disorder exactly. This happens fully computerized, the laser automatically corrects the eye movements (eye-tracker). The method used by Dr. Meurs is called PRK. The instruments used are sterile and single-use only (disposable).


Immediately after the treatment, a very thin contact lens is placed on the treated eye for protection. This should stay for five days and nights. After 5 days, the lens is removed during the check-up.

After the treatment you receive from us the following information:


  • Overview of control appointments
  • Complete set drops, painkillers and instruction (this will be settled with your health care provider)
  • Sunglasses