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The examination aims to determine which treatment is the most suitable and desirable for you.

For an optimal measurement of your eyes it is important that you take out your contact lenses before the examination. Also before the treatment it is necessary that you take out your contact lenses.

For hard contact lenses, you need to wear your glasses for four weeks.

For soft contact lenses before you need to wear your glasses for two weeks.

Take your contacts with you to the research so you can put them back in when the investigation is completed.

All options will be discussed with you and your eyes are extensively investigated in order to achieve the desired results, namely to see without glasses or contacts.

The examination takes about 45 minutes.

If you opt for treatment you will receive a form in which you consent to the treatment that you will have.

This form must be signed and taken with you on the day of the treatment.

The research is done by the ophthalmologist, possibly preceded by an examination by the optometrist and / or technical ophthalmic assistant (TOA)

Any further questions can be answered by our specialized team: ophthalmologist - optometrist or manager.

If you are considering eyelid surgery, please directly contact the secretary in order to make an appointment for an examination and / or treatment.
Phone 040-2460024

For this treatment you must fill out a consent form.

This form must be signed and taken with you on the day of the treatment.